History of the Property

From Forest to Fairytale: A Journey of Unwavering Passion and Perpetual Progress!

Windows Overwaterfalls
June 2019
new mountain cabin near max patch

January 2020

Our commitment to creating an extraordinary environment for our guests is unwavering. Before we even opened our doors on Valentine’s Day, 2021, we spent two years in the trenches – quite literally! Armed with nothing more than a chainsaw, weedwacker, and shovels, we hand-cleared the entire property, including the part of the forest just above the wedding platform. Inch by inch, we removed weeds and bramble, tackling the root balls like seasoned warriors, turning the soil over, and planting the seeds of our vision. Notably, we uncovered 80 percent of the boulders you see today that were previously covered with too many years to count of overgrowth.

work on vacation rental near max patch
uncovering boulders at vacation rental in hot springs
unearthing giant stones cabin rental in hot springs

January, 2021

Spring’s haircut: Our property, wild and untamed get’s its much-needed trim

Just before our first year in business, we cleared the forest behind the house to a dark brown canvass, and carved out a picturesque pathway on the house side, leading all the way to the top of the property, and began the artful process of propagating moss. The second year saw the birth of lush greenery as we dug out pathways on the opposite side and planted a carpet of grass.

cleared forest in hot springs, nc
learned forest near asheville, nc mountain retreat
pathway at mountain cabin with waterfalls hot springs nc
pathway mountain retreat near asheville by waterfalls

Year three was a transformational chapter as we meticulously cleared and created an enchanting space between the newly created moss pathway and the flowing creek. This area became a canvas for our creativity as we surrounded it with elegant border stones and cultivated moss wherever nature allowed. 

As we entered our fourth year, we decided to take it to new heights – literally! A maze of trails now rises above the house, offering breathtaking views from top to bottom of the property.

Our commitment extends beyond the trails and greenery. We’ve terraced the property, adding layers of beauty, and planted a riot of perennial flowers and wildflowers that now grace the creek from its upper reaches to the very bottom. It’s an ongoing labor of love, an effort to rival the grandeur of the Biltmore Estate itself, and we assure you – we won’t ever quit.


Each year is a new chapter in the story of our property, and we’re thrilled to have you join us on this magical journey. These beautifully crafted testimonials are not just accolades; they are affirmations that we are on the right path. They inspire us to keep pushing boundaries, to keep innovating, and to keep delivering experiences that leave our guests spellbound. So, take a moment to read the tales of delight shared by those who have walked our trails and enjoyed our sanctuary. We can’t wait to add your story to this collection of joyous moments!

Just after closing, both existing structures were knocked down, and a bridge was constructed to span over the two forks of the creek
Watersports - Over Water Falls
December 2018
December 2018
June 2019

This is a raw, handheld iPhone video taken before we even closed on the property. 

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