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Found the perfect photographer but just can’t figure out where to go? Here are 10 ideas for your ideal setting


There’s no denying that engagement photos are important. They’re a way to commemorate your commitment to each other, and they’ll be looked back on for years to come. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right location for your shoot! Here are ten of the best places to take engagement photos, whether you’re looking for a classic feel or something a little more unique.

  1. A park or garden: This is a classic choice for a reason – there’s something so romantic about being surrounded by nature. If you want to up the ante, try finding a spot with a waterfall or cascading water in the background.
  2. The beach: Few things are as dreamy as a sunset stroll on the beach. If you’re lucky enough to live near the coast, take advantage of it and use the waves and sand as your backdrop.
  3. A cityscape: For couples who love the hustle and bustle of the city, there’s nothing better than having your photos taken against a backdrop of towering buildings and busy streets. Just make sure you pick a time when the area isn’t too crowded!
  4. A scenic overlook: If you’re looking for breathtaking views, a scenic overlook is the perfect place to take your engagement photos. Whether you’re overlooking rolling hills of green or a vast ocean, this option is guaranteed to get some amazing shots.
  5. Your home: Sometimes the most special place is right in your own backyard. If you want your photos to have a more personal touch, consider taking them at your home – inside or out! Just make sure the space is tidy and well-lit before your photographer arrives.
  6. Private Property/Nature: If you’re looking for a photoshoot location that offers both privacy and stunning scenery, then a private property with lots of trails and natural wonders could be just what you need! From cascading waterfalls to giant boulders, lush wildflowers, terrific views, and countless trails – birdsong will provide an intimate atmosphere where photographers can create unique images with plenty of light, texture and backgrounds without interruption or distraction from onlookers (so privacy won’t be an issue).
  7. An abandoned building: Want some industrial vibes? Check out abandoned factories or buildings within driving distance from you! This can be particularly great if you’re going for an edgy look – just make sure it’s safe exploring these areas beforehand!
  8. An Art Museum: Take things indoors and capture beautiful moments among classic pieces of art at an art museum while observing all safety protocols in place due to covid-19 – this might even provide some added inspiration and loosen up stiff poses while creating amazing art-inspired photographs!
  9. On top of mountain peaks: Climb up one of those mountain peaks nearby (if safe) if it calls out loud – because why not?! Open spaces add incredible depth into your engagement photography portfolios like none other – plus there’s something pretty magical about that feeling seeing miles around atop majestic mountains…especially during golden hour!!
  10. Parking lots & Garages : Last but not least we couldn’t forget parking lots & garages – which might sound like odd places but seriously provide some epic backdrops paired with dramatic lighting setups; any photographer would love these places especially if they want vibrant images full of punchy colours & dramatic shadows!!


No matter where you choose to take your engagement photos, remember that the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and happy in front of the camera – so have fun with it!

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