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From Rentals to Nature: The Enchanting Beauty of a Frozen Waterfall


Witnessing the beauty of a frozen waterfall during the Bomb Cyclone of 2022 was an awe-inspiring experience. In areas where the surface froze over, the constant pressure of flowing water below formed channels that allowed power back into unfrozen parts of the stream. As temperatures began to rise again, the icy bliss melted away slowly, revealing mesmerizing sights that echoed across our rental property. The video shows just how powerful and resilient waterways can be even at freezing temperatures and highlights one of nature’s captivating wonders. The sound of rushing water underneath a thick sheet of ice creates an almost hidden ambiance that can’t truly be appreciated until it melts away under the morning sun.

It’s moments like these that make us appreciate our natural environment and remind us to take care of it as best we can!


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