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Would you choose to leave the campiness of a studio behind and experience group yoga surrounded by nature with the soothing sound of rushing water instead?

Are you looking for an experience that will bring peace, balance and wellness to your life? Step outdoors and discover the joys and many benefits of group yoga in nature. With a private mountain setting near Asheville, North Carolina, intimate classes offer a unique way to practice postures while connecting with your own inner strength as well as connecting with others in the group.

Unlike the confines of an indoor studio, practicing yoga outdoors in nature allows participants to move freely to their fullest range of motion so they can reap all the physical benefits that yoga has to offer such as increased flexibility and strength. By moving among streams, creeks, boulders and lush forests—you will be able to clear your mind from stress and enjoy a tranquil environment where you can achieve total relaxation.

Furthermore, practicing postures surrounded by breathtaking scenery and the constant flow of water creates a sense of spiritual awareness which grow with every class attended. Connecting with each other helps create lasting memories – allowing for deeper exploration into inhaling and exhaling techniques; allowing yogis to let go of any worries or anxieties that may be lingering around from everyday life.

Take some time out for yourself–experience the serenity that comes with doing group yoga outdoors! Discover what makes this transformative experience so special–create beautiful memories while embracing balance between body, mind, spirit…and nature!

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