Max Patch: Fall in Love with 360° Views

Blue Ridge Bliss at Max Patch: Revel in Romance amid Unobstructed, Undeveloped Layered Mountains

The enchanting beauty of Max Patch is just 5 miles above Over Waterfalls.  Immerse yourself in the Blue Ridge Mountains on this stunning mountaintop where 360-degree views unveil a pristine and undeveloped landscape.  There is a reason hikers call the spot where the AT crosses Max Patch the very Jewel of the Appalachian Trail.  This scenic destination is not only one of the best things to do in Hot Springs for couples but also offers a tranquil nature lovers escape for literally everyone. Heck, some would be bold enough to say this is one of the best things to do in North Carolina, anywhere!  

Do not take this option to see one of the sheer wonders of nature for granted – a trip up from the house and its waterfalls promises SUCH a memorable adventure.  This is where the beauty of the landscape and the joy of a rental near Max Patch come together just so perfectly!

Max Patch layered mountains

Rocky Top, you’ll always be, home sweet home to me

8 Compelling Reasons to Visit Max Patch

1. Location and Accessibility:

A brief journey from our doorstep leads you to a tranquil retreat, distinct from the sights and sounds of the waterfalls. Upon reaching the Max Patch parking area, a short hike unveils the bald—a serene expanse offering a dramatic, human-influence-free view of the entire region.

Max Patch at dusk
Max Patch at dusk facing west

2. Stunning Photography: For Heaven’s Sake Don’t Forget to Bring Your Camera

Max Patch is a haven for photography enthusiasts, inviting Asheville wedding photographers, Asheville engagement photographers, nature loving photographers and just about anyone with a cell phone camera.  And if there was ever a moment in time for you to set your iPhone to panoramic this would be it, hand’s down.  Let the professionals tell you – it’s a perfect backdrop for any romantic shoot.  Max Patch truly does provide the single most idyllic setting for layered mountain views.  The sweeping vistas of undeveloped mountains with its ever-changing colors during the sunrise and sunset hours make these Western North Carolina mountains, well, magical.   

couple on top of max patch, daytime

3. One of the Best Hikes near Asheville: Walk the Bald and Hike the Appalachian Trail

Where the Appalachian Trail meets Max Patch stands as one of the five best hikes near Asheville, and is arguably the very best hike in Hot Springs, NC.  It offers simply the most magnificent views in all of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Embrace the most romantic mountain views while descending to the town of Hot Springs alongside a cascading stream.  Or, decide to head South for 250 miles to reach the beginning of the AT at Springer Mountain!

couple waking up at sunrise max patch
daytime activities at max patch

4. Discover Flora and Fauna:

Discover the rich biodiversity that graces Max Patch on a flower hike! Vibrant wildflowers paint the meadows in a full-spectrum of colors, and the diverse fauna is a treat for the eyes and senses. Keep an eye out for native plants and wildlife that make this place their home. The area had gone through some tough times due to overuse, but since 2020 there has been a resurgence in great appreciation goes to the massive collaboration and cleanup efforts. Thank the several organizations who have made it their aim to revitalize this gorgeous spot!  

just after sunrise at max patch

5.  Ignite the Fire of Romance with a Heavenly View

Searching for a romantic escape near Asheville? Max Patch will give you the most beautiful views en masse because once you’re on top of the bald, they are literally all around you in 360 degree fashion — so just twirl around to your heart’s content! This spot was almost perfectly designed for couples. Bring a bottle of wine and a picnic lunch or dinner to enjoy amidst the best scenery in NC.  Remember to leave no trace but only footprints, and carry away everything from your romantic getaway. Breathtaking beauty awaits you here.  It is not hyperbole; Max Patch stands out as one of the most romantic spots near Asheville, creating a memorable backdrop for couples seeking a most special day.

sunset at max patch

6. Delight yourselves with Local Attractions and Amenities:

Extend your visit by exploring Hot Springs to hit the spa, grab a pint at the Big Pillow, or go tubing down the French Broad River.   Or do what we like to do most, and that is going straight back to the property so you can enjoy a drink by any of our countless waterfalls.  We may be biased, but there is nothing like soaking in the hot tub, in total privacy, looking at nature and hearing the symphony of water flowing everywhere. The spa doesn’t even hold a candle in our opinion. 

rolling hills at max patch
fall at max patch

7. Celebrate the Gains from Years of Preservation Efforts

Preserving the pristine beauty of Max Patch means a lot more than just ensuring a pleasant visit—it’s about you and those around you contributing to the resurgence of this idyllic spot. Please, adopt responsible tourism practices, such as leaving no trace and treading lightly because you play a vital role in creating a flourishing ecosystem here. Max Patch, with its untouched allure, is a haven for nature lovers.  Embrace a commitment to sustainable conservation and allow this landscape to reclaim its full splendor.  Don’t forget to check out this site for official policies

just pre sunset at max patch

8. It’s a Dog-Friendly Hike Near Asheville: Go Ahead and Bring Your Pooch along for the Adventure!

Max Patch stands out as one of the premier hiking destinations near Asheville, especially for those seeking pet-friendly and easy hikes. This scenic gem is a perfect retreat for furry friends. As one of the best hikes with dogs in the region, Max Patch offers a wide open bald with its intersecting Appalachian Trail so you can both relax with a view and hike for as long as your pup wants!   Max Patch is and will always remain a top choice, promising a harmonious blend of beautiful vistas and canine-friendly exploration.

Gracie at max patch
All Photos: Ken Greenwood
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