The House: View Nature through 38 Windows

Elevate Your Romance amidst Nature in this House, a Modern Vacation Rental Architectural Haven

Take a deep breath, listen to the cascading water and enjoy Mother Nature to her fullest.

Chances are, you won’t wish to leave the property from the moment you arrive

The House showing hot tub at Over Waterfalls in Hot Springs

Skipping backwards through the doors and the windows

Glance Leisurly at Just Some of Our Features


38 windows and skylights

1600 square foot tiered deck w/ patio furniture

Outdoor swinging daybed for sleeping under the stars and a swinging bench

Beautifully furnished interior with hand crafted designer furniture

Modern kitchen

Plush linens

55″ TV, internet, and every channel, streaming service, and sports package

Ten-speaker Sonos indoor sound system

Four fire pits with ample wood

Master bedroom with queen size adjustable bed

Double bed in upstairs atrium

Deluxe luxury hot tub with powerful massaging jets

Gorgeous outdoor lighting at nightfall that tastefully brings to life the creek, trees, and giant boulders 

Scroll through the images below to catch a sneak peek inside the house

A Romantic Cabin Rental Over Waterfalls: Discover Hot Springs Luxury - Where Romance Meets Nature's Symphony. Just a Stone's Throw from Asheville, NC

Welcome to your premier destination for Blue Ridge Mountain rentals in Hot Springs, North Carolina, where luxury and nature converge in stunning design an hour’s drive from downtown Asheville. Designed and built by a visionary architect, our house is a testament to a commitment to creating a sensory experience for guests at every angle. Step into a world where opulence meets nature, and indulge in an immersive connection with the breathtaking surroundings.

The heart of our house is its open floorplan, seamlessly integrating the living room with the rest of the interior. From here, you can enjoy a 300-degree view of the property through expansive windows and strategically placed skylights, blurring the lines between inside and outside. The atrium ceiling, adorned with skylights, transforms the space into a celestial observatory, providing a constant connection to the ever-changing sky.

As you explore the house, the bedroom stands out as a haven of tranquility. From an elevated standpoint, guests are treated to a panoramic 180-degree view of nature. The vantage point from the bed allows you to gaze upon the waterfalls cascading both up and down the property, gracefully meandering around massive boulders. This captivating scene unveils as you look down from the bedroom, evoking a landscape reminiscent of the awe-inspiring scenes in Jurassic Park. It’s a mesmerizing tableau that unfolds right before your eyes, creating a serene and enchanting atmosphere.

In the upstairs bathroom, the immersive experience continues. Showers become a sensory delight, surrounded by windows that wrap around more than half the space, inviting the outdoors in. Every moment, from brushing your teeth to taking a shower, becomes an opportunity to connect with the natural beauty that surrounds the house, even from the sun, sky, and stars above. What’s more, guests can open up the windows to embrace the symphony of the waterfalls outside, a melodic serenade that adds an enchanting layer to the already captivating ambiance. Every note is a reminder that nature’s embrace is an integral part of the luxury experience.

The craftsmanship within is a personal touch, with all the furniture, except the opulent leather sofa, being handcrafted by the owner. The dining room table, wall-supported work desk, and all tables and headboards carry a story of passion and dedication, adding to the unique charm of the interior.

Venture outside, and you’ll discover 1600 square feet of deck and patio space designed for ultimate relaxation. What makes it even more special is that these decks are elevated over massive boulders, one of which even protrudes through a portion, visible as a treat that reminds us of the nature residing just below. It’s a subtle nod to the raw, natural beauty that surrounds the house, connecting you to the earth beneath your feet.

The outdoor spaces are carefully designed to complement the surroundings. The high-end hot tub, crafted swinging bench, ultra-cozy swinging daybed, and elegant dining table with chairs and umbrella offer a perfect blend of luxury and nature. Sitting chairs strategically placed around the exterior provide numerous options for you to find the ideal spot to lounge and soak in the tranquil environment.

At Over WaterFalls, our house is more than a Hot Springs, NC vacation rental; it’s an invitation to an extraordinary sensory journey. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, elevated luxury, and thoughtful craftsmanship, and let every moment become a memory to cherish.

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