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Why You Should Consider Local Mountain AirBNB’s for Wedding Guests over Hotels


Are you looking for inexpensive hotels near Asheville or cheap motels in Hot Springs so your guests won’t break their bank for your wedding?  It may be wise to consider large, local AirBNB mountain homes and cabins!


AirBNB & VRBO vacation rentals in Hot Springs or in the mountains near Asheville tend to be much cheaper than traditional lodging options such as Asheville hotels. This means you can save huge money on accommodation costs, which could be put towards other areas of your wedding budget such as catering or decorations.  When making reservations far in advance, you’ll have essentially the pick of the litter when it comes to availability, and cancellation policies generally will provide you with 100% money back if your plans shift given just a few short weeks notice in advance.  Additionally, since many AirBNB rentals come with a kitchen or kitchenette, you will also save money on meals for your guests.

More Space and Privacy

Most mountain AirBNBs offer more space and privacy than hotel rooms do. Many high-end mountain AirBNBs have multiple bedrooms, which makes them ideal for large groups of friends who want to stay together without having to share one small hotel room. Additionally, if you rent an entire house or lodge, then all of your wedding guests will have access to common spaces like the living room and kitchen – making everyone feel more relaxed and at home during their stay in the mountains.

Unique Atmosphere

Mountain AirBNBs usually have decorated interiors that match their breathtaking surroundings outside. This creates a unique atmosphere that hotel rooms simply don’t have – making it feel extra special for your wedding guests (and also giving them something pretty awesome to post about on social media!). Plus, if you choose a rental near one of the ski resorts in alpine towns or villages, then there will be plenty of activities nearby – allowing guests to explore the area during their stay if they wish!

Added Value

Finally, another great benefit of choosing mountain AirBNBs over hotels is added value: what you get with an Airbnb usually goes beyond just beds and Wi-Fi – you may gain access to other amenities like hot tubs or fireplaces – adding that extra touch that make memories even more special for your wedding guests!

So if you are looking for accomodation options that provide comfort and convenience at an economical price point – then consider renting out a few local mountain airbnbs instead of booking standard hotel rooms! Your wedding guests will thank you!

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