Weddings Over Waterfalls: An Intimate Wedding Venue

Immerse in the Magic of Waterfalls for Your Elopement, Small Wedding, or Micro-Wedding in the Heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains – Unveiling North Carolina's Premier Destination Wedding Venue located just beneath Max Patch

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Planning your elopement or small wedding at Over Waterfalls is a secret rendezvous with nature, an intimate romantic outdoor wedding venue that whispers love amid its secluded beauty. Nestled near Asheville in Hot Springs, North Carolina, this hidden gem promises small wedding or elopement ceremony like no other. Here, privacy is paramount; your celebration will unfold in a haven so discreet, it feels like a shared secret between you and the surrounding woodland.

Weddings Overwaterfalls
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Unparalleled Natural Beauty. 

As you exchange vows, enveloped by the lush embrace of towering trees and vibrant flowers in full bloom, it’s a testament to nature witnessing your love story. The open sky, framed by a natural canopy, sets a dreamlike stage, where you and your partner are the main characters in a story told by the flowing stream and singing birds.

Ceremony by waterfalls.

The pièce de résistance is the long winding creek that cascades through enormous boulders, orchestrating a symphony of falling water. This enchanting natural melody becomes the backdrop to your elopement ceremony, adding an ethereal touch that elevates your special day. As the night descends, a radiant transformation takes place, casting a vibrant array of hues upon both the creek and the forest behind the ceremony site. This enchanting metamorphosis turns the surroundings into a magical realm, providing a surreal backdrop for the initial moments of your journey as a married couple.

Reception over waterfalls.

Choosing a location for your reception is equally enchanting. Whether it’s the sprawling deck system at the house or the large wooden platform with a white high-peak tent just above the falls, you have a choice that complements the cascading waterfalls with a touch of elegance. The sound of falling water creates a rhythmic dance, harmonizing with your celebration and adding an extra layer of romance to your reception.


For the budget-conscious couple seeking an inexpensive wedding venue to elope, Over Waterfalls is a hidden treasure. With its captivating natural beauty, you won’t need elaborate decorations – nature provides the perfect backdrop. Countless stunning locations are scattered throughout the property, each offering a unique blend of flora and flowing waterfalls.

Total immersion.

As you take your first steps into married life, let Over Waterfalls be the canvas for your love story. With its intimate spaces, natural wonders, and enchanting ambiance, it’s not just a wedding venue; it’s an immersive experience, a love-filled journey set against the breathtaking backdrop of nature’s artistry. Celebrate your love in a place where every element harmonizes to create an unforgettable symphony – your perfect elopement at Over Waterfalls. 

And, it’s GLORIOUS in the Rain!

While no one dreams of a rainy wedding day, should fortune bring showers, fear not! Our venue transforms into a magical oasis as the creek gleefully dances and the waterfalls cascade in all their glory. Amidst nature’s embrace, the rain orchestrates a symphony, adding a wonderful melody to your special day.

Explore our pricing options, whether you decide to assemble your own team or opt for our all-inclusive elopement and micro-wedding packages

Here’s another option!  Embrace the magic woven into our wedding packages that include a night’s stay in our opulent house overlooking the mesmerizing waterfalls. Countless couples have turned this haven into their idyllic honeymoon escape, and now, the choice is yours to extend your time here, savoring the sweet essence of love for as long as your hearts yearn.

Weddings Overwaterfalls
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Weddings Overwaterfalls
Elopement Over Waterfalls Hot Springs, NC
Micro Wedding near Asheville, North Carolina
Small Wedding under Max Patch, Hot Springs, NC
elopement at over waterfalls
elopement in hot springs, North Carolina just outside of Asheville
bridesmaid hot springs, North Carolina

The grand finale: guests gone, lights low. What's next, you ask?
The romance extravaganza, of course!

solar lights by the hot tub at over waterfalls in hot springs, nc

As the last echoes of laughter fade and your cherished guests bid their farewells, a magical serenity descends upon you, the house, and the radiant property beneath the velvety night sky. The true essence of romance unveils itself in the quiet moments that follow. Picture this – an intimate retreat under the starlit heavens, where it’s just you and the enchanting ambiance.

hot tub view from over waterfalls after the wedding or elopement
Mountain cabin near Max Patch

Now, imagine the allure of slipping into the hot tub, its warm embrace cocooning you as the night unfolds. The symphony of waterfalls harmonizes with the gentle bubbles rising around you, creating a melody that serenades your senses. It’s a moment suspended in time, a tender interlude where the world outside ceases to exist, and it’s just the two of you, immersed in the soothing embrace of your shared sanctuary.

And if you wish to extend your romantic sojourn, the options are as enchanting as the night itself. Imagine lounging romantically on the swinging daybed on the porch, swaying gently under the transparent overhang. The night air carries with it a whisper of the surrounding forest, creating a perfect cocoon for stolen glances and shared dreams.

Or, perhaps, sip drinks by the patio’s edge, positioned just above some of the waterfalls that grace the house. Let the melodious rush of water accompany your intimate conversations, turning the patio into a private retreat where every sip is a toast to your enduring love.

And if the flickering flames beckon, indulge in the allure of lighting a fire in any of the fire pits scattered throughout the property. Each flame tells a story – a flicker for every shared laugh, a dance for every shared secret, and a glow for every promise made. The warmth of the fire mirrors the warmth of your connection, casting a romantic glow that intertwines with the starlight.

In these intimate hours, the world becomes a distant dream, and your love story unfolds amidst the whispers of the night. Whether it’s the hot tub’s embrace, the swinging daybed’s gentle sway, the patio’s edge overlooking waterfalls, or the flickering fires, each moment is a chapter in the enchanting tale of your love. Here, in this haven of romance, every bubble, every hue, and every cascade of water tells the tale of a love that knows no bounds, and a future that holds promises yet to be discovered.

Over Waterfalls is about the most enchanting wedding venue for any intimate escape or celebration of love. 

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