Ceremony Areas

We are a waterfall destination wedding venue!

Just the two of you
Photo: Nathan Metcalf Photography

We take pride in offering not just one or two, but a veritable endless variety of ceremony areas catering to elopements, micro and small weddings.  We ensure an intimate and personal experience surrounded by nature’s beauty.  Choose from countless spots on our property for your private ceremony, each accentuated by the serene presence of waterfalls.

For larger gatherings, a grassy knoll beyond the garden bridge awaits, flanked by two rushing forks of the creek, providing pure stereo sound and a perfect backdrop. Alternatively, for more intimate celebrations like micro weddings and elopements, the entire property is yours to explore, including the tiered patio decks.

Every ceremony site boasts natural water features. Let the soothing sounds of water create a serene atmosphere for your guests, while brides and grooms find solace as the water features guarantee to wash away those wedding day jitters!

Weddings Overwaterfalls
Weddings Overwaterfalls
Weddings Overwaterfalls
Watersports - Over Water Falls
Weddings Overwaterfalls
Weddings Overwaterfalls

photos by Jesse L. Roberts Photography

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