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elopement at over waterfalls
Photo: Nathan Metcalf Photography

How to Choose the Right Backdrop for your Elopement or Micro Wedding? How about Finding the Right Waterfall?

At Weddings over Waterfalls, we have too many waterfall areas on the property to count.  They are each spectacular in their own right, and none require a photo booth or custom wedding photo backdrop.  You and your wedding photographers can pay close attention to the music of the waterfalls that surrounds you to help you make the right choice. Look. Listen. Breathe. Relax. Smile.

From a distance, the creek has a singular voice but as you draw closer, you begin to hear the literally dozens of smaller, more intimate conversations. It’s where the water meets the rocks, and whose togetherness as a whole create an orchestral harmony. You can hear each conversation individually. If you change position every so slightly, the conversation changes. The symphony changes. 

With the music of the waterfalls and our awe-inspiring waterfall backdrops, no two weddings or elopements will ever be the same. No two photographs will ever be the same. Mother Nature guarantees that.

With a small wedding everyone can make it to to the action

Stand here on this more than amply sized flat boulder as your officiant has you recite your vows. Did somebody say, “Adventure Wedding?”
Over Waterfalls is hands down one of the most unique and special destination wedding venues in all of Asheville and Hot Springs, NC. 
Envision a setting where you can serenade your partner with your vows, surrounded by the sounds of a harmonious symphony.
waterfall near max patch in hot springs, nc
Weddings Overwaterfalls
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