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Weddings Overwaterfalls
Ken Greenwood

A little about me. I left New York City in 2014 for the mountains of Western North Carolina to live, breathe, and absorb wildlife and nature.

In 2018, I began looking for an unforgettable getaway from Asheville to call my own. I traversed every county in the Blue Ridge Mountains for 6 solid months seeking the perfect combination of features. I ultimately happened upon this spot, fortunately just below romantically-spectacular Max Patch.  I have since transformed the land without only a set of hand tools and a chain saw.  The process is never-ending as after one project is finished another begins.  This process may go on in perpetuity as I never stop improving the landscape. Ever.  My hope is you choose to share your live’s most beautiful moment in a place that is so near and dear to my heart.

Thank you for considering Over Waterfalls in any and all the ways you can. 


Weddings Overwaterfalls
Meet Gracie, Ken's furry companion. She was adopted as a puppy from the Brother Wolf Animal Rescue in Asheville, NC

“There were “wow” moments everywhere!” Ken said. “The end result of each project was more spectacular than the previous. What I was exposing were natural masterpieces and each one, individually, provided me with a profound sense of joy and pride. During the entirety of Covid, I essentially said to heck with my desk job I’m getting wet and muddy.”

Ken regularly found himself covered in dirt and poison ivy and plagued with exhaustion, but he kept going. He thinned pure forest areas and replaced them with grass and native wildflowers. He lost his balance and rolled down hills, many of which were greater than 60-70 degrees at times. He removed and moved boulder after boulder and rock after rock with his bare hands. He transplanted moss from deep in the forest to create long paths above the house for his guests to enjoy walks barefoot. He even felled giant trees with chainsaws he learned to operate. And he did it all by himself.

“Everyone thought I was mad,” Ken said, “but I felt that every feature I discovered was one I could enjoy for the rest of my life”

“Just think about it. These rocks and boulders have been covered over for millions of years and now they’re visible. They are part of something that can be enjoyed by us from this day forward. Imagine the memories that will be made here.”

“This place is overwhelmingly tranquil. All your senses are engaged – sights, sounds, smells, and touch. You are enveloped in peacefulness no matter where you are here, literally anywhere and everywhere. You can’t help but be in good mood from the moment you drive in. It’s a dream to share this place with whoever wants to be here.”

“This spot… the house and property as a whole, possesses what I have always searched for,” he concluded. “I have such a powerful sense of pride over what I have done. Nothing seems to matter when you’re here. It’s just you and nature — and not a soul within eyesight or earshot. It’s total seclusion and submersion.”

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